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Our channel is dedicated to sharing our journey and the transformative experiences from our travels. We aim to inspire new thoughts in relationships and encourage individual growth by reflecting on the lessons we’ve learned and the adventures we’ve embraced. Join us as we explore the world and ourselves, hoping to ignite a similar passion for discovery and personal evolution in our viewers.

Meet The Family

Erika's incredible 6-year international backpacking journey, spanning 80 passport stamps and culminating in Barbados, ultimately led her to Matt. It was love at first sight, and after just four months, Matt sold everything to join Erika in her global adventures. Love blossomed, they got married, and soon welcomed their daughter Shanti Mae into the world.

As 2020 brought international travel to a halt due to Covid, the couple searched for a way to continue exploring while providing stability for their growing family. They discovered the world of skoolie living and decided to build their own custom skoolie. For three years, they enjoyed their full-time mobile lifestyle, traversing the USA and even upgrading to a second bus.

Now, with international travel back on the horizon, Erika, Matt, and Shanti Mae have resumed their global journeys, experiencing new cultures and sights as a family.

Click below to delve into their captivating travels, skoolie life adventures, and an extensive collection of helpful “how-to” videos for fellow travelers and skoolie enthusiasts alike.


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Some of Our Video Content

Skoolie Life Videos

Delve into our past adventures as we journeyed across the USA for three years in our custom-built skoolies. Our educational videos offer valuable insights for those interested in school bus conversions. Although we cherish our off-grid memories, our channel has evolved to showcase our current globetrotting lifestyle.

You can also look and learn our second bus HERE!

Recent Travels

Our dream has always been to explore the world as a full-time international traveling family. 

With the pandemic behind us and our lives condensed into backpacks, we create professionally produced travel videos, showcasing our adventures and volunteering efforts in communities worldwide. Join us on our exciting journey and be a part of our story!

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