Partner with us on our Costa Rica Van Build & Travel Series

The Overview Plan

We will create 20 to 30 long-form episodes from building the van to traveling throughout Costa Rica. This is a 6-month project, and we are looking for marketing partners and sponsors to help this project be the best it can be. We have put together different offerings for you, from exposure on our channel to creating content directly for your brand. This collaboration will be profitable for everyone involved, especially the viewers.

Find the perfect van

Build the Van

Travel all of Costa Rica

Contact us for a full content plan and details.

Why Partner with us?

  1. We want to make a marketing plan with your brand that integrates naturally into our van build series. 
  2. We have 10 years of professional videography, photography, and marketing experience. 
  3. Our channel has values and has built an authentic relationship with our viewers.
  4. We are great at selling and marketing products we believe in.  
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Who is Their Happy Trails?

We are Matt, Erika, and our daughter Shanti—a family united by our passion for adventure and storytelling, embarking on an exciting YouTube series from Costa Rica. Matt’s professional expertise in videography and photography, combined with Erika’s exceptional skills in copywriting and blogging, form a dynamic duo capable of bringing unique narratives to life. Our adventures are not just about exploring new terrains but also about imparting the invaluable lessons of cultural diversity and the beauty of exploration to Shanti, our littlest adventurer.


Our journey is a blend of professional creativity and personal growth, aiming to share with the world not just the places we visit but the heartfelt experiences that shape us. We believe in creating content that resonates, inspires, and connects, making our family’s journey a perfect partner for brands looking to make a meaningful impact.


Join us in this venture, where every story is an opportunity to explore the depths of human connection and the wonders our world has to offer. Together, let’s turn moments into memories and brands into landmarks on the map of our shared journey.

Featured Videos that have pointed us in the direction of building a van in Costa Rica

Building an Astro Camper Van in 9 days. This video has been the inspiration for many people looking to build a smaller adventure camping van. 

Our full solar explainer video. This video has sold over $60,000 USD worth of products, with only 11,000 views. This shows our ability to sell products and work with brands through our content. 

This is our most popular destination review, and had helped people plan their entire trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

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